Terms & Conditions


Bookings are preferred to be made via text or whatsapp, alternitavely which you can find HERE. All bookings require a deposit to be confirmed. If a deposit is not paid or has not cleared, your booking will be automatically cancelled.


No phone calls will be answered. Please understand I have a busy personal life outside of my profession and obsession. Text and email are preferred the forms of contact. Please send all messages at an appropriate time to receive a reply for your own discretion. If a call is necessary for your booking one can be arranged at a mutually suitable time. Only calls which are scheduled will be answered. Any messages received in an inappropriate manner will be immediately blocked and listed in records.



I always ensure the utmost discretion with every potential booking and lover. Every call, email and text will be kept very private and strictly confidential. On a scheduled meeting, please always arrive inconspicuous and discrete, as will I when providing any outcall service. For safety and protection, a security team will remain nearby and ready with every booking. If an emergency should arise, my security team will be notified and be present immediately. Discretion and privacy is given, maintained and expected in return at all times.​


All bookings require a deposit to be secured and confirmed.

A minimum of 50% is required to secure all bookings Internationally.

A copy of the transaction receipt will be required to confirm the booking. 

Bookings will only take place once the deposit has been cleared.

ALL deposits are non-refundable.
(unless you meet the requirements listed in the 'REFUNDS' section)


1. Paid into Alycia's Australian business bank account via electronic funds transfer.
2. For privacy purposes over the counter at a branch closest to you.
3. Via smart ATM.

If you are concerned about discretion you can deposit funds directly over the bank counter.

You do not have to leave any personal details, only a reference which will be assigned to you.

4. I also accept credit card, Amex and debit card. A copy of the front and back of the credit card used and valid picture identification with the same name is required for security purposes.



When we meet, please have the agreed paperwork ready upon arrival, so that we can talk less business and more play. If you will be using a credit card please be aware there will be a surcharge and your credit card (this is kept as low as possible), your identification and receipt with signature will need to be ready for processing and a copy will be taken for higher security. (NOT ACCEPTED: B-pay, PayPal, Western Union)


Please understand that I generally have other plans scheduled for after our meeting.

If you will be running late, please tell me as soon as possible that you may not make it by your scheduled time, so I can adjust my schedule to accommodate, If you fail to let me know a fee will be incurred. 



 I understand things can come up unexpectedly, however, I have put practices in place to ensure my time and business are protected. All deposits are non-refundable. It is very much appreciated that you contact with as much notice as possible to cancel or reschedule your appointment as a lot of preparation goes into each of my meetings.

Deposits will be forfeited if you cancel within 24 hours of the confirmed booking time. 

If a cancellation or reschedule is made before 24 hours of the confirmed booking the deposit may be used for a future booking date only. If you choose to use your deposit to reschedule our date any more than three times it will automatically be forfeited.


It is appreciated when a quick text or email is sent to let me know you can no longer make the appointment. If you confirm a booking and do not turn up without warning, you will be listed in records and you will forfeit your deposit amount as well as full payment for wasting my time and your future bookings will require payment in full to be secured. All deposits made after 24 hours from a booking are automatically non-refundable.


All refunds will be made on the first day of each month. In the very rare occasion you will need a refund it must be returned via the same method it was processed. You will only be entitled to a refund if the cancellation is made by me (Alycia) for an unforseen circumstance. 

My schedule is always planned far in advance.
 24 hours notice for any potential booking is preferred, yet I will do my best to accommodate at short notice. I will arrive dressed classy and discrete as I expect you to. Please make sure all paperwork is prepared so we can do less business and more play. Your booking time (e.g.1 hour) is from start to finish, it includes welcoming, chat, showers, play, enjoyment, fulfilment, relaxation, dressing and goodbyes. Please make sure you seriously consider your timing and book the appropriate amount you are going to want to spend indulging. You will always receive the time you have booked, so it is deeply appreciated when you are on time. I believe in relaxed time but please do not take advantage of this and overstay your welcome. You need to be wary of the time and leave when your booking time has ceased. Lingering is inconsiderate to my time and puts me in the awkward position of asking you to leave and to be wary of your future bookings.


Under no circumstance is natural sex allowed or offered. Every meeting must be in a clean environment. Showering before each booking is preferred. At any time if requested, I am happy to provide my current health record for you to view. If you are wanting to receive any anal play during our booking (as pre-arranged only) simply showering is not enough. If you are not familiar with self-preparation for this please let me know so I can give you the correct information you will need. Shaving or short grooming is highly recommended for any bookings. On arrival, if you have any open or uncovered wounds, pus, warts, skin lesions and anything else unhygienic or unsafe the booking will be ceased immediately and full payment will be charged. If you have a condition that is non contractible (e.g. Vitiligo) I am happy to accommodate provided I am made aware prior to the booking date.



WARNING: If you are contracted to, or have solely chosen to participate any type of sabotage including fake bookings and/or any malicious activities including but not limited to, intimidation and bullying, or to cause any form of threat, degradation or harm to my self, my business or any attempt to enter into my personal life. Action will be taken against all parties involved to the full extent of the law. 


Be rude or aggressive.

Play games with payment.

Give orders or demand things.

Have anyone waiting with you on arrival. 

Ask me to stay or return 'off the clock' or 'just to hang out'.

Arrive with any lesions or sores, unless you have previously made aware of a non-contractible condition.

Everything is kept as professional as possible. While I very much enjoy time spent with you, and will create a connection on multiple levels for us, please remember this is my profession. No amount of trying or asking will change my mind, it will only ruin the mood. If any of these problems occur I may decide to leave at any time and no refund will be given.

Hopefully if you are the kind of lover I am interested in, all guidelines are common sense.